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Transition Management & Repossessions

ZGA understands that from a Lessor perspective, ensuring a seamless transition of serviceable aircraft between parties is vital to realise maximum operational value from both the engines and aircraft asset as a whole. In addition recognising that commitments on which valuable relationships are founded are satisfied in a timely and professional manner is an important factor.

Risks and potential implications on both asset value and marketability are high when minimal technical focus is dedicated to engines during aircraft transitions. As well as identifying these risks immediately and managing further technical issues, ZGA also possesses considerable experience in the management of commercial conditions associated with engine transitions. With this knowledge ZGA can provide support with technical interpretation of commercial conditions attached to a lease or sale/purchase agreement.

ZGA understands that as an airline, operational pressures and existing commercial arrangements often have need for a seamless transition to maintain operational requirements and in some cases, the need to ensure the short term health of the airline is preserved. In this respect, ZGA provides operators reassurance that all technical and commercial considerations required to mitigate exposure to the airline during the transition process are addressed.

ZGA is able to draw on extensive experience in the field of transition management performed for both Airlines and Lessors alike, using seasoned professionals with the skills necessary to ensure that all physical and documentation requirements necessary to ensure a seamless transition are met.

In the unfortunate circumstances where an aircraft has been, or is expected to be repossessed, ZGA has the necessary experience to provide the required level of engine support, whilst simultaneously demonstrating an appreciation of the sensitive issues associated with the transition.