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Aircraft Checks

We can be your eyes, ears, hands and above all your brains when repairing your engine. We price ourselves save time and money to every customer that we handle their engine repairs. With engineers specialize in every mayor jet engine Pratt & Whitney: JT8D; JT9D; PW2000; PW4000; PW6000 CFM: CFM56-2: CFM56-3; CFM56-5A; CFM56-5B; CFM56-5C; CFM56-7B GE Family: CF6/50/80;CF34 Series GE90 IAE: V2500. Rolls-Royce:RB211 Family Trend800; Trend700; Trent500, TAY650/620. Allison AE3007, 501D Family.PWC: PW121/PW123/PW124/PW127, we have the know how and resources to audit and deliver your engine back in a timely and costly manner.